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ICV Certification

Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar led by QatarEnergy with the participation of


More than one-third of small businesses currently outsource a business process, this ratio expected to be much bigger as a

Our Values

Our values reflect our determination to go above mere compliance with laws and regulations. They are the pillars of the

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We provide services to several companies from different line of businesses.  Our clients come from all sectors of the economy

Audit & Assurance

Audits are the fundamental building blocks of effective capital markets. Our auditors use their knowledge, skills and experience to deliver

Liquidation Service

The Company is an legal personality which comes into existence through a process of law. Therefore its life can also

Anti-Money Laundering Review

Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing Money Laundering is the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means

Administration Services

Without financial goals and specific plans, we get drifted away and our future will be doomed to failure. By trusting

Financial Management Services

Today’s economy poses tough challenges which can be faced through strategic financial planning to maintain growth and profitability. Financial planning