we use our real-world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice on complex tax issues. This includes a proven ability to think beyond the present and anticipate the potential consequences of any actions. The tax team at F&Y works collaboratively to help clients make decisions that can add value to their organization through process improvement and cost management. Our understanding of regulatory requirements is meticulous, as is our methodical approach to all tax services.

Nowadays Tax preparation is considered one of the critical operations that facing every company, and need sufficient experience with an up-to-date software to perform it, not only on time but in a correct manner too.

For that F&Y can assist your company to prepare and submit all kind of taxes such as:

  • Tax registration
  • Company Income Tax Return
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Penalties Exemption request, Objection and Appeal follow up
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Transfer Price Return

F&Y is one of the primer firms providing tax services in Qatar and is respected by both the Ministry of Finance and the private sector

We keep abreast with the changes in tax legislation; adapt quickly to the ever-changing tax environment, and provide you with updated information on local legislative policies, guidelines and declaration.

We want to be the consultant who helps the companies realizing their growth within regulations and at the lowest possible fiscal cost.

Our staff is constantly ready to respond to our clients concerns and to propose outstanding and impressive solutions, and also assist them during their fiscal controls through our tax advisory service.

The Tax team is committed to provide clients with highest standard of professional counsel and direction in all of its diverse practice areas
The tax team consists of specialized professionals witch caters to a large portfolio of diversified clients witch includes manufacturing, services, real estate, telecom, and retail sectors