Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar led by QatarEnergy with the participation of all the other companies operating in this sector. The Program consists of three key pillars and these are new investment opportunities, supplier development initiatives and a new In-Country Value (ICV) policy.

The primary objectives of Tawteen are as follows:

  • Support the realization of Qatar National Vison 2030 by attracting companies engaged in knowledge and technology based businesses.
  • Establish sustainable and competitive in-country suppliers to meet the requirements of Qatar’s Energy sector.
  • Support the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy.

Certification Details

ICV certification is a process to certify the supplier or contractor ICV score by the independent pre-approved ICV certifiers.

Purpose of ICV Certification:

To ensure validity and accuracy of the information provided by suppliers in terms of ICV Contribution. To ensure suppliers’ ICV scores are evidence-based and calculated according to the pre-defined methodologies.